Warby Parker


WPclosedcaseI’ve been hearing about Warby Parker for some time and finally decided to order a new pair of glasses.  I love that they donate a pair for each pair that you buy—those marketing strategies were created for me—some sweet person is need is benefitting from me buying something for myself!

What’s even more fun about WP is their “try them before you buy them” home try on.  Who doesn’t like to try things on before they buy them?  WP lets you choose 5 pairs that they will send you free for 5 days.  At the end of the 5 days, you just send them back in the provided box.  What fun!  I personally put on a little fashion show for my small group when they were at our house, and they cast their vote.  As you can see from the photos, even Ellington tried on a pair!


Another great thing about WP is that ordering your glasses is so easy to do.  I had my optometrist email me my RX, and I just uploaded it to my WP account.  Super easy!  My glasses came in about a week in a cute little case with a cleansing cloth.  I’ve received numerous complements on them and haven’t had any problems.WPellington

WP is always designing new collections for both glasses and sunglasses.  They really are trendsetters.  So if you like to wear trendy glasses or sunglasses, you like to feel that you’re helping those in need, and you like simple, easy-to-use websites, I highly recommend Warby Parker.


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