If there’s one thing that I say repetitively to the teens who I see in my office, it is this: “You’ve got to be comfortable with you!”  However, this isn’t as easy as it sounds.  It involves several thoughts—being confident in who you were created to be, being content just being by yourself, and not worrying so much about what others think of you.

1.    Be confident in who you were created to be. 

You were created uniquely you; you are the only you that exists.  Love yourself for the incredible person you are!  Know yourself well enough that you recognize your strengths and weaknesses.  Remember—no one is perfect.  We all have flaws.  When you feel insecure, focus on your positive attributes.  Set goals to improve your weaknesses so you can become an overall stronger, more confident individual.  You were created for a reason, so discover your purpose.

2.    Be content just hanging with yourself.

Independence comes naturally for some, but for others, it’s really difficult and scary to have fun without a friend, significant other, or family member around.  It’s important for you to develop your independence and not become dependent on others for your happiness.  Community is wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but people will fail you at times.  When that happens, you need to be comfortable being by yourself.  Have a “happy place” to go where you can reflect, relax, and restore.  Mine most often is a bubble bath with a nice glass of Cab or hot tea.  What’s yours?

3.    Be yourself and don’t worry about what other people think.

As much as we like to think we are not affected by other peoples opinions of us, we all are to some degree.  We have to learn how to look past and let go of others judgments and look within ourselves for the truth.  Honestly, it doesn’t matter that someone doesn’t like my outfit.  They aren’t wearing it, right?  So why should they care?  If things about you bother other people, it’s most likely because they see something in you that they wish they had but don’t.  Their confidence is typically sub par and they make up for it by putting others down.  Keep that in mind before you pass judgement next time.

Get to know yourself and love that face in the mirror looking back at you.  Remember, you are the only you that exists.  You can choose everyday to be your own worst enemy or your greatest ally.  If you choose the former, unfortunately, you have an uphill battle that you will never win.  The freedom that comes from the love and acceptance of oneself is pretty incredible!  Embrace it!

What are your experiences?  Comment below and tell me what you think.  Is there anything that has helped you jump this hurdle or any advice you’re willing to share with others?

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