First days in Paris: A journal entry

shabbychictoureiffelSo, the other day, I started reading back through some of my journals that I wrote during the time I was living in Paris as an aupair.  I thought I would post some of the funnier excerpts as an American trying to figure out things in France.

August 28, 2004

“I was so excited to dry and Chi my hair after living in the Alps for a couple months.  However, as my luck would have it, a disaster befell me!  I started to use my straightener and was amazed at how hot it started getting.  It was really working well!  But…when I brought it up to do my bangs…well, they fell out and crumpled into a pile on the counter!!  Oh le drame!  On top of that, my Chi melted and fell apart!  Mon pauvre cheveux! Lesson #1:  Make sure to use the right converter. I guess that’s the first and last time I’ll have sleek and straightened hair while living in Paris.  God, please help my bangs to grow back soon.  Merci beaucoup.”

Unfortunately, the hair drama continued the next day…

“I am sitting under a weird lamp right now with color on my hair as I journal.  I had been walking around looking for a place to have my hair cut and highlighted-not a hard place to find in Paris.  I meandered into a Salon de Coiffeur while I was lost.  (Side note: getting lost is a common theme for me lately.)  At least they were able to do highlights or as the French say “les mèches.”  I’m not sure how it will turn out because I realized after walking in here that I am very limited in my French hair terminology!  One thing weird about French salons is that they don’t automatically put conditioner in your hair.  In fact, you have to pay extra for that!  Either that, or they took advantage of a naive American girl.”  

(A little note:  My hair turned out…uh…decent.  Although a little on the orange side.  I decided to embrace it; however, as this was only the beginning of a crazy new adventure.  Thankfully, they didn’t say much about my bangs.)



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