Noonday Collection


I have to share my lovely jewelry pieces I ordered at a Noonday party that I attended last weekend.  If you haven’t heard of Noonday Collection…well then, you need to go right now and check out their website! The products are absolutely gorgeous, well-made, and have an incredible story behind them. This honorable company’s mission is to “create economic opportunity for the vulnerable.” They have 28 artisan groups in more than ten countries where they create sustainable jobs. They also provide the artisans with no-interest loans, emergency assistance and scholarship opportunities. A portion of the sales from the show I attended will go towards my friends adoption. In fact, that’s how Noonday was started. The founder, Jessica Honegger, hosted the first trunk show as a fundraiser to adopt her third child from Rwanda. The response was incredible and Noonday was born.

I’m in love with my new pieces! They are very versatile and can easily be worn with other pieces that I own. The Helena necklace (top) is made in India where Noonday provides economic opportunity for over 400 families. The Bethe Rope necklace (bottom) was made with upcycled metal and artillery, remnants of the war in Ethiopia. Many of the women who make this top-selling necklace are HIV positive. I encourage you to check out Noonday and consider hosting a party for friends and family.  They just came out with their Winter Collection in time for the holidays!




noonday4The Helena necklace is on top and the Bethe Rope necklace I wrapped around 3 times underneath it.  Bethe Rope is 78″ in length, so you can wear it long or wrap it like I did.  I obviously love the layered look!

What are your favorite Noonday pieces?


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