Paris Journal #2


France map

Here’s another look into my life when I was living in Paris.  Just another awkward moment while living abroad…

September 28, 2004

Yesterday morning was funny when I went for my doctor’s appointment to get my Carte de Séjour (the visa that allowed me to stay in Paris for a year.)  I had to have an X-ray taken for some odd reason in order to be deemed healthy to live here.  So, I was asked to take off everything from the waist up.  Not too much of a problem, but then the nurse asked me to follow her to the X-ray room…without a gown!  So there I was, fully exposed from the waist up, and I had to just walk on through the office and another room to get to the machine!  A male doctor is in there just staring at me–how awkward!  I guess the gowns that you get in the states don’t exist here in good ole’ Paris!  Note to self:  Don’t wear tight pants to the doctor next time.  I was just thankful I hadn’t worn a dress!  Quelle horreur!!

Hopefully my misfortune will help another poor soul when they find themselves living abroad in France or at least give you something to laugh about!  And I must add, in France, boobs are boobs.  They’re just another beautiful part of the body and they’re everywhere.  They’re in paintings, statues, and exposed on the beaches. Every woman has them and no one cares if they see them. So, no worries!

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