2015 Resolutions


NY 2015Well, it’s that time of year again! I have made several resolutions for 2015, but I wanted to share my top four with you today. These are goals that I will strive for throughout the year to make me a healthier, happier individual. I put some things in place to ensure that I won’t forget about them once February rolls around. I will include them on my vision board for 2015, remind myself of them weekly during my reflection time, and tell a friend who can hold me accountable to them. Plus I am putting them on here for you all to see, so please check up on me! They are not easy tasks. I know I won’t magically be able to implement them in my life tomorrow, but I will work on them a little each day knowing how beneficial they are to my overall health and wellbeing.

No expectations. My entire life I have had high expectations. I always thought it was a good thing. In some respects, it is; however, a lot of my expectations only set me up for heartache and don’t allow me to enjoy the moment…what IS. I’m too busy getting upset about what didn’t occur that I’m totally missing out on what is happening. That current moment could be the best part of my day! So, I’m letting go of all expectations to fully live and enjoy all the little moments that life has to offer. And in the case that I accidentally sneak in an expectation or two, I can always control how I respond. I will do my best to accept reality and enjoy it!

Intentionality. How many times do I absentmindedly go about my day doing things to check them off my list without really taking time to be present? I have a lot of great ideas and reason behind my actions, but am I really living intentionally? This year, I want to be more aware and mindful of what I’m doing. When I have my quiet time or work out, I want to be fully present, savoring every minute. Having intentional relationships is one of life’s greatest gifts, and I desire to experience them fully. So often, I book my calendar full and fit coffee dates in an hour window between appointments. This year is a new start for me to be a more intentional, purposeful person, and I’m looking forward it!

Transparency. I’ve felt called to be more transparent and broken before others in my life. In our social media hyped world all we see is perfection. It begs to ask the question, Why…Why do we do that? We are human; therefore, our lives are never perfect. We know this; yet, we continue to flaunt our flawless selves. If you think about it though, who wants to befriend a perfect person? How deep can that relationship go, and how much of an impact can you have if you never reveal your battle scars? A large part of the healing process comes through sharing your hurt. It’s time we get real with each other and bear one another’s burdens.

Letting go. I am a control freak. Yep, I admit it. I like to be in control of every situation that I possibly can in my life and that is so incredibly stressful, not to mention extremely unhealthy. As a believer, I have dedicated my life to God, but, truth is, I don’t live like that on a daily basis. Instead of allowing God to have control of all my thoughts and actions, I hold it so tight that He has little wiggle room at all, if any. So this year, I’m letting go and letting God take over to allow for more freedom and opportunity in my life.

What are your resolutions for 2015 and how will you hold yourself accountable?

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