Buena Vista Boutiques


While in Buena Vista on vacation, my friends and I decided to do some shopping–shocking I know!! I happened to find the two cutest shops on South Main that had very unique items. The first boutique we found is Sundance. They make their own shoes-Moccasins, house shoes, and full boots all hand sewn and beautifully crafted. We all decided to buy a pair after putting our feet in them–absolute heaven! In fact, one of my girlfriends bought 3 pair of moccasins and a pair of house shoes! Lucky duck! These will literally be shoes that I live in during the colder months. The moccasins cost around $120, but they come with a 1 year warranty and they will replace the sole for $25 after that. Seriously, you need to get some, they are incredible and one-of-a-kind!



The second boutique is called Made. An adorable clothing and accessories boutique, when you walk in you feel like you stepped into a whimsical fairy tale full of unique, boho-chic clothing. You’re also greeted by the owner’s sweet dog who likes to help the customers find cute outfits. Blue has very good fashion sense.








They have lots of gorgeous handmade jewelry by local designers.


DSC_0721-1My favorite buy at this boutique was this unique sweater/caftan by Aratta. I love the colors and it’s extremely comfortable and versatile.

Mine Annie

Here is another cute top that my friend bought. It covers her early little baby bump perfectly!

Mine Erin


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